Have multiple questions in mind? Check out our FAQ page if it can be of any help.
How do I report an error while searching on humstay?
Did you see something on our website that didn’t seem quite right? Well, that’s embarrassing. Our team is working hard to improve your experience and appreciates the heads up.
How are the prices of deals displayed on humstay?
Want to know how far your buck is going? On humstay, we like to give you plenty of options. On our results page, you'll see the price listed per PG, per month. The price shown is the net rate and does not include any additional taxes or fees.
Who do I contact about a refund?
Something went wrong? Need your money back? While we’d love to help, the best way to resolve any of the refund issues is to directly call us on customer support team. We shall guide you further with the concern.
Where is my booking confirmation?
In some cases, it may take up to 72 hours for the booking site to send the booking confirmation. Has it been longer since you’ve booked? Is your trip coming up soon? Reach us on our chat or call support our customer care expert will sort out the issue instantly.
Why doesn’t the website on which i have booked my accommodation have my reservation?
The website has never heard of you or your reservation? OMG! If you are experiencing difficulties contacting your booking site, please let us know and we will try our best to get you connected or help you to resolve the issue.
How do I search for my ideal Accommodation?
As a accommodation search, humstay compares millions of accommodation to help you find the ideal place to stay. Scanning hundreds of booking sites, humstay compares accommodation prices to make your search easier. From South to North, the options are endless! After entering your check in and check out dates, use our filter menu to narrow your search. This will help you find something that’s just right for you.
I want to leave a review about my stay?
Did you love those soft pillows? Was that breakfast to die for? Or maybe the services were not quite up to par? humstay receives all of its reviews directly from the booking site. After leaving a review with the booking site, we incorporate it into our ratings.